Prerolls & Kief

Prerolls & Kief

Heavenly Buds is proudly Pesticide-Free!!

Heavenly Buds offers premium quality kief and prerolls.

  • Heavenly Buds always strives to have our customers Experience Higher Quality and that extends to our finest preroll joints!  Only premium quality flower/buds goes into each of our prerolls….NO TRIM!  Heavenly Buds offers cone prerolls in many sizes but also goes above and beyond and offers a top shelf hand-crafted (HAND-ROLLED) preroll!  This ensures that you will receive a full flavor, full effect and overall a better experience with our hand-rolled joints!


  • The flavorful and potent kief is absolutely exquisite!  Heavenly Buds produces one of the most delicious and highest testing kief on the market!  Great to add to your joints or bowls!

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