Less is More: The What, Why, and How of Cannabis Microdosing

Less is More: The What, Why, and How of Cannabis Microdosing

Sometimes less is more. As more and more consumers enter the cannabis industry, it’s important that the proper education and information is provided so they can make a thoughtful, educated decision on what is best for them and their bodies. Simply looking at the THC % isn’t enough – there are many factors that should be accounted for when choosing the right dosage and method for your consumption. Gaining traction in the industry is a little something called cannabis microdosing.



What is cannabis microdosing?

As the name suggests, microdosing means consuming small amounts of THC (typically between 1-10mg).


Why microdose?

Microdosing allows you to determine how to achieve the best results for your body by slowly introducing small amounts of THC in order to get to the best dosage. This is especially useful for new consumers, or those looking to reap the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive element.


How do I microdose?

Microdosing is most popular with edibles since you can easily and clearly dose out the desired THC amount. Find a product that works for you and start off with as small a dose as you’d like, slowly working up to the dose that achieves your desired effect.


Tips for first timers

Do your research – If you are new to cannabis or microdosing, do your research before starting. The best resource will be your budtender; don’t be afraid to ask questions and ensure that you are buying the right product for your needs.


Start small – Don’t overload your body at once. Start with a small amount and slowly build up to a point where you are comfortable with the dose.


Listen to your body – Every body is different, and cannabis will have a different effect on different people. Do your research, take advice from experts, but in the end it all comes down to how YOU feel.


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