Celestial Buds

Celestial Buds

Back in May of this year, we released our sister brand, Celestial Buds – the same great quality of Heavenly Buds, at a more economical price point. The response has been amazing so far, so amazing in fact, that we’ve added a few more products to the line for you all to enjoy!


The below strains are available in 2 gram, 3.5 gram, and 14 gram options:


Alaskan Thunder Fuck – This sativa dominant hybrid is a powerful storm of euphoria. Smells green, earthy, and skunky, and tastes like mild skunky pine with sweet citrus and mint tones. You won’t know WTF hit you!

Larry OG – This indica dominant hybrid smells of lemon and pine. The flavor is an explosion of lemon with notes of pine, sweet and sour. A potent and balanced Indica that starts off as an uplifting high.

Green Cush – A true classic sativa! The buds are dark green with fire orange hairs and a pleasant green earthy scent. You will get a true euphoric and energetic sativa head high from this beauty! Great day time smoke and great for getting things done.

Cinex – A potent sativa created in the Northwest! Dense round buds with a pleasant & unique fresh, earthy, lemon/citrus flavor. Energetic, upbeat and focused high which sparks conversation & creativity. Close relative of Master Yoda.

Bubble Bomb – Just added! Sweet Bubblegum & skunky dank chronic flavor matches the aroma True Connoisseur Marijuana. Potent & heavy Indica that can lead to full body melt

Blue City Diesel – Back by popular demand! Indica Dominant Hybrid that smells of pure Diesel accented with light berry. Flavor profile is diesel with a sweet blueberry structured smoothness. A balanced head and body high

Also available under Celestial Buds are 1 gram preroll cones:

3 pack

5 pack

20 pack


Ask your friendly local budtender for Celestial Buds, cultivated by Heavenly Buds but at prices that are out of this world!

Mariah Martinez
Mariah Martinez

California girl, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Marketing and Branding for the cannabis industry.

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