Bubble Hash Rosin by Heavenly Buds

Bubble Hash Rosin by Heavenly Buds

We are thrilled to be adding a new, tasty product to our lineup – bubble hash rosin!

Our bubble hash rosin is made in-house, and it is as always, solventless for a smooth, clean smoke.



Here’s how it’s made:

  • We take our fresh trim and popcorn and freeze right away using a Harvest Right freeze dryer.
  • The frozen material then goes into a 220 Micron Xtracts work bag.
  • The work bag goes into a 20 gallon Bubble Magic washing machine.
  • Water drained through a 20 gallon Micron Xtracts bubble bag.
  • Rinse & wash with cold water.
  • Separate different screens material onto freeze dryer trays
  • Dry, collect, and press with Powers Rosin Plates.





The result is bubble hash rosin! Beautiful color, tasty flavor, and clean burn.

For the best experience we recommend a low temp or cold start dab – keep in mind that terpenes turn into toxic carcinogens at very high temps.

Visit our website for a list of retailers near you, and next time you’re in your local store ask your friendly budtender for Heavenly Buds Bubble Hash Rosin!

Happy Dabbing!

Mariah Martinez
Mariah Martinez

California girl, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Marketing and Branding for the cannabis industry.

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